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QUEERMAGEDDON: The Sequel Headliner Announced! Vix Leyton!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We are absolutely THRILLED to announce our headliner for QUEERMAGEDDON: The Sequel...

The vivacious Vix Leyton!!

Vix Leyton looking flawless and playing poker I think?
Vix Leyton: A woman with mysterious half smile dressed in a low cut 1920s style green dress and costume jewellery sits at a table with a red table cloth holding ‘the Devil’ from a pack of tarot cards loose on the top.

Discovered by Mark Watson on Twitter in 2019, Welsh comic exiled to London, Vix Leyton is a natural storyteller with a keen eye for observation, combining warm, whimsical charm, as well as a PR hustler. You’ve probably heard of her, you just might not know how. Her panel show podcast ‘The Comedy Arcade’ is both an audio success and compelling live show, picking up a nomination for Leicester Comedy’s best podcast in 2021 and racking up sell out shows at Edinburgh Fringe with Underbelly and The Stand.

Robin Ince: “Bursting with impish energy, exudes an infectious delight”

Mark Watson: “Vix has a talent for reading a room and playing with an audience. She is funny, charismatic, resourceful and likely to achieve great things”

Andrew O’Neill ‘Charming, surprisingly dark and gonna be famous’

‘joyously full of funny’ The Scotsman

Vix will be bringing material from her upcoming tour Anti-Hero:

Anti-hero delves deeper into the human psyche as Vix explores the notion of people pleasing - a theme for her life she didn’t even realise she had until she started stand up comedy. Can you be the main character without being a good guy? Do you really have to strive to be ‘better’ as you get older? Can’t you just be worse?

Find out more about Vix at

Tickets for QUEERMAGEDDON: The Sequel are available now! Early bird tickets are limited so get in while you can!

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