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Who we are

just a couple of queer folks who like to be funny for attention.

Lucy and Ella set up QUACKS, our queer comedy open mic night, having returned to Sheffield from London and Brighton and noticing there weren't many opportunities for comedy around Sheffield, and almost none in queer-friendly spaces. We pitched QUACKS, our open mic night, to (now sadly closed) DINA in March 2022, and the rest is history.

We aren’t professional comedians by any means. We’re just two queer people wanting to create an inclusive space to continue exploring stand-up comedy; to host an evening where, whether you’re performing or just watching, you are in community with others who just ‘get it’.

Lucy performing at QUEERMAGEDDON



Lucy is a filmmaker and has been doing standup since 2016, at events across Sheffield and Brighton.

They hate fun facts about themselves and fascism.



Ella is a writer, freelance copywriter and marketing consultant who has been dabbling in stand-up since 2018. Don't ask them anything about The Sims 4 unless you want don't want to hear the end of Bella Goth lore.

Ella performing at QUEERMAGEDDON
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